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Kelly's Story Kelly, a young woman with two small children, invited me into her home, and not long after she began telling me about her life. From a very early age she had gotten into drugs. She's now off them and very happy because she nearly died many times. She's been in and out of psychiatric institutions with a lot of bad experiences. In one place she was thrown onto a bed and pumped with baby bottles full of medication. She could hear them say, “She should be dead. She must be as hard as steel.” Many times Kelly would wake up in the morning and have to literally pull her jaws open with her hands because she was so tensed up.

She told me that her back teeth are actually all ground down because of all the tension. She has been involved in the occult. She has a friend who is a witch and she had been trying to get her involved in prostitution.

She has had many dreams where she would see the devil in all his ugliness. One time she got stuck in her bathroom for eight hours and couldn't move because of some spiritual power holding her. Only God knows what she experienced there alone in that bathroom.

She went and spoke to a Catholic priest about it, and she said that he wasn't much help. He didn't believe in the power of the devil. He said, “The devil has as much power as that bit of wood over there.” Well, she certainly never went back to see him.

Then she told me the beautiful story of how her father came down from the Northern Territory and told her about God and gave her his Bible.

She described the tremendously warm feeling as her dad opened up the Word of God to her. But she still didn't change her lifestyle. A little while later she finally came to her senses. I opened up to the book of Revelation to the war in heaven. Then over to Genesis, to the Garden of Eden and the fall of man. Over to the sacrifice of Jesus, and we read John chapter 3, verse 16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I told her about the second coming of Jesus and I read to her 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and 17. I told her about heaven and the new earth, and said to her, “Kelly, would you like to study the Bible with one of our ministers?” Praise God she said yes! Studies soon began with Pastor Apostolis Maglis.

She studied for a while but unfortunately did not continue. However, only God knows the results of the many seeds that have been planted in her mind. Isaiah chapter 55, verse 11 says that His word does not return to Him void.

It has now been three years since I first met Kelly and she is still buying books from me. - Joe Paol, Southern Area

Please note: God calls the Catholic Church Babylon and the origin of Babylon and sun worship and paganism in the Catholic Church explains why. The reason for the Sabbath to Sunday change and our adversaries plan then becomes very clear. The number from the beast has amazing and almost lost information on how 666 came from Babylon and is now the number of a man. And the false secret rapture theory has deceived many on the truth of the second coming and is a must read. [law]